The equipment required for training at Atlanta Freifechter. You do not need to get this equipment to begin classes, rather if you do this long term.

Suggested Fencing Masks

Added Fencing Mask Protection

Suggested Fencing Jacket

Suggested Gloves

Lacrosse Gloves are passable to begin class.
Specific for HEMA






Workout Clothes

Whatever you are comfortable in for general working out. For general training shorts and t-shirt suffice. For competing we tend to wear Fencing Knickers as they allow better movement. We do not allow jeans or other street clothes to be worn for training

For Free Fencing the following is required

  • Fencing Jacket

  • Elbow and Forearm protection

  • Knee Protection

  • Gorget

  • Back of Head Protector

  • HEMA Fencing Gloves, or reinforced Lacrosse gloves